[PhotoStory] - Curious Duck

Thursday, August 09, 2012

"Woop, what is that?"

"I wanna see.. I wanna see"

"Ooohh.. Chocolate wafer!! Whooo.. Whooaaaa.."
*POM!* "Ouch! Err... Somebody.. Help?"

"Helloo.. Anyone care to help me? 
Hey, what are you... No no no, it's mine!"

Finger : "Sorry, Duck. I'm hungry. Sorry." 
Duck : "Please.. please don't! That's the last one.. AARGH"


"Aaaah.. Finally, phew!"


 "Okay, then :("

2 minutes later...

 "Hey.. What's that? It looks sweet"

=== THE END ===

Photo & Story by Vendryana
Iseng Project

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