Actually i don't want to publish or share about it too much on you. But i think, it's a good news for you, my blog. So i'd better tell you more about this :D I got another email from Katherin. It's about further information regarding to the project. So i got official confirmation from Dekeyser itself, TIM MAELZER (the 'friend' in the project. he's a famous chef in Germany, and he has his own resto "Bullerei"and his website), health insurance, travel reservation, etc.

I'm so excited until i found in my itinerary (thanks to my boyfriend who gave me the word :p) that the departure time will be at 00.40 AM and i'll transit in Dubai for 4 hours and continue to Hamburg for another 7 hours. Maan, what will i do in Dubai alone after 7 hours sleeping? There'll be no bbm, twitter or any access to reach my beloved one. Am going to cryyyyyyy.. But that's okay, never know if we never try, right? Just like i told you before, i'm the only Indonesian. The other 5 : Florence from Germany, Gregory from Kenya, James from US, Kristina from Slovakia, and Sohini from India. Excited, worried, aah i can't find the perfect words to describe it all. Can't hardly wait to meet them all and do this project perfectly. I know it'll be one of my greatest experience in 2011 :)

Here there are, some pictures of the invitation and confirmation that i just got yesterday :

I love Tim's words : "Inspire young people" i do really want to, Tim!

It is a part of my happiness project, a step of it. If i could do it well, i'm getting closer to my "happiness". Bismillah. Stay close to me, God.

Anddd.. another happy news from my best friend, Adi :

Look at number 8 : Adi Indra Permana - kaos Kuliner FORT

Woohooo! He did the presentation better than before (he said to me). Well, i'm so proud and happy for you. He just got home from Taiwan for presenting his functional and healthy drink in an international conference few months ago, he got 2nd winner at the business plan competition in Lampung last week, and now he's on another competition in Jakarta! Btw, he was the one who gave me the information about this culinary project. So, thanks is not enough for him. I should give him something special like... mmm my own cook! I gave him my banana in crepe, and he said that it's so delicious! Plus he gave me a little tips to make better crepe. Thank you Adi.

i should give him my best effort in Hamburg too, i'll do it for you, Buddy!

Another man 'behind the scene' is my only one boyfriend plus bestfriend, a special one, a frizzy one, a lovable one, Mr. Benazio Rizki Putra. I wrote my essay, interview, until 'the day', all of those moments i did with him beside me. I'm so sooo glad to have him in my life. Well, actually he's already in my life since 2002, and getting closer as bestfriend in 2009, and now he's my boyfriend in 2011. Never thought that he would be my boyfriend, ever. It's kinda weird, sometimes i still can't believe that he IS my boyfriend :p we knew that friends become lover have higher risk than ordinary relationship. But we're ready for it! Insya Allah :) 
I'm proud of him too, he just won Best Indonesian Blog from.... mmm The BOBS! Deustche Welle Blog Awards 2011, and other achievements he got, too many to tell. He's a nice and friendly man for everyone. That's not a problem for me, no need to get jealous or something like that. I do believe in him :)  

I took this pict, i know you look great when eating lemper, Bunch. Kyaa :P

I have to be someone in a positive way, then i could make him and my family proud to have me in their life. 
I do really hope so. I won't let them down.

Dear my always there friends ; my family (Mama, Mba Riri, Ichan, and Papa Kumis 'there'), Adi, and Benazio. Thank you for all your supports for me through the condition. Not only for this project, but for every love you gave to me. I am so grateful, am a lucky girl to have you all here and in my heart. I hope everything goes well. And thanks to my best girls : Marseliza Faharsya, Widita, Arum, Paramita for tons of laughter and happiness.We still have 2-3 months ahead until the day! I love you love you love you all and always! :)

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